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Terminal intermodale

ISE has its own intermodal terminal of about 200,000 square meters, directly connected to the largest railway station in southern Italy, the freight Marcianise / Maddaloni through a system of outlet / delivery properties

The terminal has 11 workable tracks, customs of Temporary Custody A3 area of about 20,000 square meters, served by a railway track of 450 meters and customs area of 1,000 square meters of bonded warehouse type “C”, while for the facility Valet, which currently has three operating tracks, will begin in mid-year 2016, the doubling of work

The intermodal terminal is managed by SERV.ISESERV.ISE that with great staff and own means provides users of the Interporto Southern Europe and to external customers the following services:

railway maneuvers in / out and distribution railway wagons in the various warehouses jointed Interport.

Loading / Unloading of railway wagons


Stuffing / Unstuffing  UTI.

Uti repair

Direct management of the customs areas of the terminal, via electronic connection with the Office of Customs of Caserta.